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Friday, May 27, 2016

The Paradoxical Enigma

Well, today I will reenter the world of blogging. It has been two years due to various circumstances in life. I find myself taking serious inventory and contemplating this ever-changing world. Contemplating the increasing velocity of those changes and wondering how this plays out in my faith. So I've set out to dialogue about these changes and about the current events/circumstances our world is experiencing. I'm making the conscious effort to make room to weigh the issues of the day, the faith orientation I live in (and firmly believe in), and how does this interact (how am I to interact) with this world metamorphosis. I have a deep desire to write with inspiration, with conviction and with a healthy regard to my perspectives. Most of all I want to write and dialogue with the compassion which is infused into my core being with Jesus Christ. I accept the offensiveness this is to some but grateful that I might be able to converse with those who oppose such a belief system. Warning Label: There will be times I might completely misrepresent the God of Scripture, the Lord Jesus Christ, the magnificent Holy Spirit. I hope to NEVER immune the Triune God's character, but there is definitely the possibility of that occurring. When that is pointed out I hope to readily admit that wrong doing. BUT, (a warning to readers), I won't "admit" a perceived wrong doing. Just because you don't like what I say, doesn't mean I erred (and vice-a-versa). I will strive to listen to contrary ideas (as compared to mine) with the heart I hope others will weigh what I write with the same attitude. Looking forward to the journey! The Paradoxical Enigma

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