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Friday, March 5, 2010

Just Thinking

I'm just thinking about a situation that has occurred in my extended family. A "son" wondering why his "father" won't look for him. All along the father was looking for the son. One day, due to a "coincidence," the father gets a lead and finds his son. The son is joyful, the father is joyful, and the extended family of the father (and son) is also joyful. This is true life scenario in my clan just realized in the last few days.

How similar this is to the actual pursuit of The Father, to all his sons (and daughters). It sometimes takes a coincidence, the convergence of unlikely scenarios, for the sons and daughters to discover the father does love them and has been actively pursuing. It also demonstrates the joy the family of God is to have when the "lost child" is truly found. The "new family" is to embrace, express love, and share about life so the "new member" can quickly become "family."

So glad our Father is in constant pursuit. May I search for the "lost" as faithfully as the True Father.