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Sunday, November 18, 2012

November 18, 1988

I have always wanted to make a difference in the world. Until November 18, 1988 I strove toward this goal out of completely narcissistic, self-centered and altruistic motivation. I wanted to impact the world in order for to gain a name for myself. A radical decision, which continues to manifest in on-going transformation while never ceasing to keep my way of thinking in an evolving mode, changed all the motivations toward the desire to make a difference in the world. Every morning, as I recognize I have breath, I give my day over to changing lives should that be made available to me that day. I do not want to mislead you by thinking I no longer want “credit” or that I sometimes envy others getting acknowledgment when my contribution might have been significant. No, while my core motivation is simply for people to move forward in life, I still struggle with that ego thing. But, one thing doesn’t change, when that stupid thinking kicks into gear I am reminded of the One Whom changed my life by diminishing all He was in order for me to be a completely different human being. Twenty-four years ago, this very day, in utter brokenness, I told Jesus He could have my life. My depravity needed to explanation so I simply said if He could do anything with whatever years He deemed I had left they were all His. Amazingly He took me up on my “offer!” I marvel at what Jesus has allowed me to participate in and how He is able to use my past (and present) sin to help others gain access to the One who wants more for each of our lives than we want for ourselves. Not only that, He wants it for better reasons than we usually have for the same “good” things. I would be neglecting the NUMBER ONE reason for my existence, giving praise to the Glorious God, if I wasn’t to write this to you today. God, through the sacrifice of His ONLY Son Jesus Christ, and empowered by the Holy Spirit, has made me a new creation! The old me still fights through at times, but even that is forgiven as I truly seek to please the God of All Creation. I wake up daily with supreme purpose in my daily action. I KNOW that anything I do with a desire to honor God makes a difference. I live with dignity because the God of Creation claims me as His own simply because I have trusted in the sacrifice of His Son Jesus Christ and acknowledge daily that Jesus should be in charge. Jesus is my Lord. I battle (far too often) with disliking and impatience toward others, but Jesus reminds that while he hung on the cross he was forgiving my sins. He is still forgiving my sins and I am required to do the same. I am to love my enemies. I am to do good to my enemies. Darn it, I am also supposed to lend money to my enemies with no expectation that I will be repaid. If you don’t know Jesus and for some reason are reading this, please know what He has done for you. If you already believe, don’t let your shortcomings get in the way of the greatness He has in store for you. “Greatness” you might ask? Yes, after all, what is greater than knowing your life was used for someone else’s life to be led to meet your SAVIOR? Today, 24 years after this occurred for me, I seek to continue to grow, mature, and “infect” more people’s lives. Join me, the journey is amazing (but not easy, uncomplicated, or even safe). Thank you for taking the time to read.