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Friday, April 27, 2012

How is your day going?

I am sitting on my porch just absorbing a beautiful day in Fresno. The sky is blue with patching white clouds gliding through the area. A slight breeze is blowing and it causes the trees to shimmer due to the clean leaves from the last rain. The redwoods in my yard are sprouting their new growth which is a brighter green and will turn into that deep alpine green I love in the forests. The roses are blooming in great abundance and I can smell the jasmine occasionally when the wind circulates just right. I wonder, how is your day going? Our clan has been going through “stuff” for a little while. But, I’m grateful for the trials, the hurts, and even the “what the hell?” kind of incidents that come with life. I seek solace, wisdom, and even an occasional venting with my Savior Jesus Christ. Other people’s pain helps me keep the wonder of the life I get to live in perspective. I wonder, how is your day going? I have a friend dealing with a serious issue that could have been death. She escaped that but now a life dealing with a possible recurrence will be sitting in the back of the mind. I wonder, how is your day going? I have people I know dealing with significant teenage issues that call for all they muster to demonstrate unconditional love, caring, but uncompromising in confronting the issues. It is time consuming and requires great effort to insure the rest of the children are not ignored during the process. I wonder, how is your day going? I have people in my direct life relationships and degree of six relationships who are dealing with terrible diseases with their spouses. They stay resolute in faith, convicted to following Christ’s will, and passionate in pleading for an alternative journey. I wonder, how is your day going? I have the privilege of a friendship where the parents have a severely (this is, quite possibly, understated) handicapped child who live with a discipline and dedication which is humbling in supporting their child. They pour out love and care with no direct knowledge that it is being received much less given back. They are the epitome of selflessness. I am honored to even be allowed in their presence. I wonder, how is your day going? Today, more than 30,000 children will lose their life to starvation. Thousands will become orphaned due to the AIDS epidemic in the world. Malaria will slaughter hundreds today. I wonder, how is your day going? Finally, I know a family whose daughter decided that suicide was an option (the act was intervened on), they had to tell a son to come home because they couldn’t afford his college of choice, another son continues to deal with a significant genetic issue, the wife broke her foot and the husband has to go in for a fairly “minor” heart surgery. Trust me when I say they will be deviating from their faith in the sovereignty of God. But, I wonder, how is your day going? Step outside and watch a hummingbird go from flower to flower. Watch a squirrel climb a tree. Shoot, watch the wind blow through the trees. Pray for the families you know that are going through circumstances like have been listed above. Above all, seek out God. He is near, I guarantee it. God bless you, jeff