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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Evangelicals think torture is "ok"?

It's hard to comprehend that any person who holds to the authority of the Bible could think that torture of any kind is a legitimate use of force. Yet, according to a Pew Research study evangelicals who attend church more than more than once a week, favor torture by over 50%! How can this possibly be?
Does the admonition of Micah to "act justly" and "love mercy", not to mention "walk humbly with your God" only apply when we are not threatened? The incredibly painful irony is that if the nation of the U.S. would operate this way in all arenas the hate that is directed toward this nation would never have developed.
It would not surprise me to find out that these same "christians" probably have a desire for the U.S. to be a "christian" nation. No wonder people despise Christians and consider the American church to be irrelevant (Check out The American Church in Crisis).
Torture is in no way compatible with the teaching of Jesus or the whole of Scripture. The argument that it is somehow legitimate because it saves lives is morally bankrupt, not to mention it is utterly unbiblical. The dignity of life is not protected by destroying the dignity of a single life.
True, we may have to suffer the loss of life due to another's evil decision, but it is not righteous to save lives by performing our own evil act. Righteousness is to be our pursuit in life. Striving for every action, word, and thought to honor God and demonstrate love for our neighbor. As Jesus said, "love our enemy."


  1. You are one courageous dude, my brother. Faith often defies logic and love almost always evokes hostility. On the other hand, once faith is embraced it seems so logical and once love is embraced, it diffuses hostility. The righteousness of which you speak is counter intuitive to our culture's (and sometimes the church culture's) presumptions. However, it is the land of milk and honey. It is the place where God intervenes and achieves His kingdom purposes. Preach on. You are sure to draw some fire, but you are right.

  2. Thank you for the encouragement. The American church needs a serious heart check. In the mean time those in the "moral minority" must speak up.