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Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Generosity of God

While I suppose writing these blogs seems to indicate that bloggers think they have something important to say there are times I just have to share the awe I have with the God of the Universe. I am marveling at His generosity. His willingness to reach all the people groups he created, despite their efforts to avoid Him, despite their efforts to create their own gods, despite their unbelief there actually is a God who created them.
I marvel at a God who sees beyond our gender, our age, our culture, our strengths and weaknesses, and even sees beyond our sin to that which could be if we would align ourselves to His way of living life. He has always been the God of the possible.
I marvel at a God who has very few "do nots" in His vocabulary but an enormous amount of "blessings if" and He wants to act on the positive.
I marvel at a God who can work through His people's obvious short comings and still bring daily benefits, as well as, eternal benefits, to those who will strive to know Him. He never quits on us, never writes us off, never stops loving us.
I cannot help be overwhelmed by the generosity of God. I hope you meet Him in your lifetime.

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