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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Grieving in Fathering

I as wrote a couple of days ago, there is much I have learned about God's character through being allowed the honor, privilege and responsibility of being a father. As any parent knows there will be seasons when fathering (parenting) can be very difficult.
One of those seasons has "sprung up" in my fathering. The pain of a child estranging themselves from the family is painful. I doubt that I fully grasp the circumstances and I also know that dark secrets are part of the issue that has developed.
As I contemplate what I must deal with I realize that the Father has dealt with my own "secrets" and blatant disregard for His will and desires for my life. Of course, His will and desires and completely righteous. While I would like my will and desires for my children to be the same I still wrestle with my own self-will.
God has never abandoned me. He still guided me while I thought my "secrets" were hidden, even from Him. Natural consequences did take place and I will have to be willing to allow the same thing for one of my children. I can't rescue, funny how God doesn't jrescue either until we call. That is what I what to prepare my heart for, being ready to rescue as soon as the call comes. I do hope the call comes sooner than later. I pray for my child and I hope it closely resembles the thoughts of God as He has dealt with me. I pray that the reconciliation and restoration of my son to myself and the family resembles how God has always done that for me in my relationship with Him. If you see my son, tell him I love him.

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