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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A Pastor's Prayer

For almost three years I have struggled in the place I have been placed by God. This is the prayer that seemed to simply pour out of me in order to be what I am supposed to be in God's plan. I submit this with the hopes to encourage all who may struggle in their faith. And I am so grateful for a congregation that loves me.

"Father the prayer of your son comes to you now. Your Son's sacrifice is all that I have, yet it is also all that I need to be your son. while I am not allowed to take your grace as a cheap overture, but to soberly remember it was a priceless, sacrificial grace given to me, I am grateful you are not focused on my imperfections, but the possibility of what Your Son's Perfection can accomplish in me and through me.
Father, I have slipped in my confidence. Not in your provisions, but in my confidence to lead your people. I have discounted my value, my influence on people, and for that I seek your forgiveness. You chose me, equipped me and and abundantly provided for me in leading your people.
Lord God of Moses I have behaved like this great patriarch in arguing with you about my abilities. I am foolish! It isn't my abilities that put me in this position. It was your Sovereign Hand which placed me at CCC and developed HCCD. It is your Hand which will deliver victory in the ministry you created.
Lord, bless me with your power & wisdom and give me your heart for people. My heart must be in love with our people as well as with you. I love you. I love most of your people and I love those who don't know you. Father, I need to love everyone. God said to Moses, as Moses argued about his assignment, "Who gave human beings their mouths? Who makes them deaf & mute? Who gives them sight and makes them blind? Is it not I, the LORD? Now go, I will help you speak and will teach you what to say." (Ex. 4:12)
I am behaving like your servant Moses when he was chosen by you. Father, despite this you used Him in a powerful way. There would be other confrontations, yet you stayed with him.
Father, I ask for your mercy. Help me Father not to use that power to do things my way, but to always stay patient with your people. father, i do not wish to be insolent or to ask for more than is due me, but may Your ministry prosper under the time I am in leadership. Father, as it prospers in numerical growth, spiritual growth, and influential growth, may Joshuas be raised up. Joshuas which run CCC ministries, HCCD ministries, CCC itself and aother ministries throughout Your Kingdom.
Father, i know i need to guard my heart, but Lord I desire this for your glory and not my prestige.
Father, as your performed miracles to Pharoah may you do the same through me. Lord, I know it won't be me, but you that is moving powerfully through your servant. Help me to NEVER lose sight of that fact.
Lord, if it pleases you, if this is truly your plan in CCC, HCCD and the Kingdom at large, use me to draw people to you. Lord, I pray that it is in large numbers. I pray for the unsaved to discover you through Your children's care and ministry. I pray for your wayward children to find an assembly they feel welcomed in and encourages them to live out their faith in a genuine, bold way.
I also pray for leadership provisions from two perspectives. The first Father is that I would do and allow what is necessary to insure that leadership development is part and parcel to the CCC & HCCD ministry. Secondly, godly "transfers" that unify the Kingdom would come and help us.
Lord, without any doubt I believe you have placed us at 4710 N. Polk Ave. the work You have designed is to be taught and transferred to other minstry sites.
Lord you know the needs for running ministry today and you can and will provide should our faith, humbleness and obedience seek to be good representations of Your Son. May that be so in CCC & HCCD. Prosper us Father so we may care for the poor, the broken-hearted, the alien in our land.
Father, if I may ask, and I know it must be in your will to be answered, could you move in these matters staring today? May I ask that growth begins this Sunday (the 26th)? Please return your people and I ask that our "current people" whould embrace our "future people." Truly, may we be one as You and Your Son are One. I pray this in the glory and honor of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ."

It is early after this prayer was read to the CCC congregation and I have important steps to take to insure I do not stand in the way of the movement of God, but the Spirit of God is working in a profound way. If you pray, pray that I would do what I should as someone appointed by God to my position.
If you need to know God, respond to this message and I will be glad to speak or write to you about life with this Incredible God.

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  1. Standing with you and the church in that prayer.