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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Because I said so...

“Because I said so…”

“Because I said so…” has to be one of the most over used and empty phrases developed within the English language. If words have power (and they do) then the combination of these words show how powerless and meaningless some speech (speeches?) can be.
“Because I said so…” reeks of intellectual dishonesty, lack of legitimacy in exercising authority, and indicates a worldview in which nothing in life is purposeful.
“Because I said so…” smacks of an acceptance to tradition without critical evaluation of its pertinence in contemporary life, and that today’s circumstances are secondary to history.
“Because I said so…” indicates a lack of desire to claim responsibility for exercising authority, decision making, and the consequences (good or bad) of such issues.
“Because I said so…” tells those under your supervision, authority, and responsibility that you lack the caring and willingness to work for their benefit.
“Because I said so…” closes off all beneficial dialogue and the possibility of deepening a relationship.
“Because I said so…” should be eliminated from your speech if you desire to promote relationships, have respect for you position of influence, have better relationships with your friends and family, and desire to be accountable for your actions.
You should pay attention to this not because I said so but because you evaluated the “argument” and believe it will enhance your relationships and general interactions with all around you.
God bless you.

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