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Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Christian Problem

The main problem with Christians is that they don’t understand the main thing. We get caught up in politics, issues, children, sports, financial security, and more politics. We think being active or participating in these “things” will help us be better off AND, mistakenly, believe they can be co-opted into “being Christian.” This is totally wrong thinking according to the Bible!
If you truly believe you have said “Jesus is Lord” and “believe in your heart he has been raised from the dead” it is time to shed these “scales” from your life. There is so much more available to bring fulfillment and purpose to your life. If you are truly Christian you are to be about THREE things, three things only!
First, and foremost, you are to live a life in which EVERYTHING in your life is dedicated to the LORD of all Creation! This is pretty simple stuff. You don’t own anything. You are NOT in control of your destiny. God, honoring God, is your top priority in all aspects of life. Nothing less is acceptable if you think you are a Christian.
Second, and just as foremost, you are to love your neighbor as yourself. Get this, what you want, desire, appreciate, and respect is exactly what you should want, desire, appreciate, and respect for others. You should understand that ALL people are created in the image of God and need His love. The love that died on the cross for you is to be shared with someone who hasn’t yet discovered that love. YOU are to be a representation of Christ. You will not be perfect at it but your desire to show it will be respected.
Third, and is an outcome of the first two issues becoming a lifestyle, you are to proclaim this to the world and those who accept the message you are to teach how to live according to that new found faith! YOU do not have the option of declining. You do not have the excuse of being scared. You are not allowed the excuse of “not knowing enough.”
Quit being political, it won’t change a thing. Become the type of Christian Christ died for you to be. Love people, live with integrity, live with boldness in your faith, give ALL credit to God. Regard all people you come across the way Christ as regarded you. Remember, your disobedience, abstinence, and rebellion was died for while you were committing it!!!!!
You want to make a difference in this world? Truly love God with all you possess. Truly love people the way God has loved you. And, tell the world about it. It is really quite simple.
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For the person truly desiring to be Christian, get going! Remember the main thing: Christ died for our sins accord to the Scriptures, he was buried, he was raised from the dead on the third day according to the Scriptures. Go and live it out.

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  1. "The main thing is to keep the main thing, the main thing!" -- Mitch Ribera, circa 1995. Love that quote.